Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well I needed that....


Was reading the Twitter when I came upon the tweets of Mark Tweddle. From there it was a hop, skip, and a jump to his blog on Blogspot, Damp Shorts...

Got me thinking about potty training....

So to Mark Tweddle

Hello. I enjoy reading your blog. It's been a while since I've had to potty or house train but

Uhmm... well it's kind of like house training puppies only you can't do the rolled up newspaper thing to the nose nor can you let them out in the back yard at 6am in sleep deprived daze. The good news is that you can hose them off and let them run round in the backyard in a diaper.

Which brings me to this comment.

A friend took her very young son to his grandparents for the summer. The grandparents lived out in the country on a farm. Lots of land to run on and not much in the way of neighbors. He, the grandson, wasn't "housebroke" yet and this kind of annoyed her father-in-law-- alot.
The kid has a fun stay with Gampa and comes back to the suburbs with the words that Gampa has taken car of the potty training thing.
And he had. Regular as clock work the little boy would say, "I must go poopie." and he did. Then one day they were outside when the tyke goes behind the bushes. My friend is a country girl so that didn't seem unusual until her friend says to her, "Did you know that your son is running round without pants?"
In horror, as this is unusual even to a oountry girl, my friend collects up her son and his pants. She asks him, "Why on Earth did you take off your pants? Her son's reply? Because Gampa told me that if I had to potty and couldn't make it to the house I should find a bush and do it 'cause he wasn't about to change another poopy pants. Then he growled. "

My mother in law claimed that she'd potty trained all 5 of her kids by the time they were one and 1/2 yo. Like my own mother she said it was easy. Soon as the weather was warm enough to play outside, take off the diapers and put on the training pants. Not the pull ups either. Then? Get out the water hose and then plan on spending the most of your time outside for about two weeks. I'm not kidding. The theory is that it doesn't take too many messy pants episodes to find out that "ickypants" is just that - icky. The water hose, not for torture, is for easy clean up of the resulting accidental mess. That, apparently is why you potty train in the summer.

Good luck. Think of this period as training for the teenager years. Plus you're a guy raising a son. You can both go into the same rest room. Once after standing outside of a men's bathroom waiting for my preschooler son to emerge, I finally had to ask an older fella on the way in if he could check and see if my young son was okay. In a minute or two the older guy came out laughing and told me that my son was fine. From what he could tell, he was in one of the stall waiting to poop. No complications and he was pretty sure that if he couldn't get the door unbolted that there was room enough for him to climb under the stall door.


LOL oh and there was the time in gymclass when one of the ladies hussled my son from one side of the gymnasium to otherside where I was sitting with the other moms.

"Is he okay?" I'm concerned because she looked so serious.

"He's okay but," she's whispering so I can't half hear her, "He's got an emergency."

"An emergency? I thought you said he was okay. What's the --" I'm really confused and now she was whispering something I couldn't understand, "Wha-?" I'm asking.

Then she said clear as day,

"He has to go to the potty."




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