Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Re read and thought about it.

(a slightly reworked version from yesterday. better.)


One Day

Kids grow up.

They out grow the careful construct we've spent year assembling for them.

They look us dead in the eyes.

Inform us of all the things we've done wrong.

(Without one word about what we've done right.)


Hide in the bathroom and do grown kid Lamaze

Keep breathing while they're outside the door,

Their list of wrongs is long. You've got time.

Breath (to deal with the stress).

Breath again.

It's like labor.

Only this kid is bigger than 9 pounds.

(and has a mouth on him)

Breath  very, very deep.

If you're lucky?


The list of grievences both real and imagined?

Now the sound of distant thunder as you hit the bathroom floor.

The last word?




Poem -  Enough by C Anne Ford

31 January, 2012

copyright  C Anne Ford  All rights reserved by C Anne Ford. In other words, I wrote it so I own it. If you rip this off for some English class Poetry Assignment?  UR Gonna Go blind and it's gonna fall off.

So give credit.


Note from author. LOL I can Google C Anne Ford poetry and The Slacker Chronicles with the Valentine's Day poetry post shows up.


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