Friday, February 3, 2012

Wake up. It's important.




  1. "The Corrs' first album was the first CD I ever owned (my dad bought it for me). The whole thing was amazing, I loved it. This just brings back memories of when I was young (I was born 1988). :)

    areyousatisfied 3 minutes ago"

    "...I was born 1988)

    I just made a sound. Not a sigh. An exhale.

    Someone once asked me for a second chance. I asked them why. To them, it was so that they'd do things different. To me? It was the worry that they'd have to suffer more and still end up at the moment they'd asked for that second chance.

    I wonder. No matter how hard it's been to get to this very moment. Would you really want to risk worse for a second chance.

    Or would you collect up the "stuff" that got you to that point and just change directions?

    Talk to me. Now. However you have to do it? Start talking.


  2. .

    (For David)

  3. That would be Irish David.

    LOL Sorry for any confusion.