Sunday, January 29, 2012

Now hear this.


This is 12dotsandablot.
A writer's journal.
A fiction writer's journal.
It isn't a diary.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which?

Do not ASSume.


Not sure how often I'll be writing this next week so thought I'd use this as a reminder.

Now to things that are political.

LOL, Primary in Florida on Tuesday.

Talk radio is gonna be abuzz.

Now I know I said that I'd stay out of politics but (lol)

In fairness to the current President. If he's repeated himself? It might just be because it's a Republican majority NOT a Democrat majority in the US Congress. He can suggest. He can threaten vetos. He can use the bully pulpit. He can do these things but we have to remember that it's the US Congress that writes, vets, and votes on the law. So if the Republican led US Congress doesn't agree? They don't vote for it.

Ask a member of the US (different than the state's Congress) why they are supporting issues different than the President. See what they say. Think about it. If you agree? Vote for them again but if you don't agree? You can find others to vote for. Heck, maybe you could run for office yourself.

Think about it.


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