Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Best advice that I ever got was from my Mom and Dad.

"Do not look for trouble. It's looking for you so why should you help?"

"To make money you should have more coming in that outgoing."

"If you are worried? Clean something. Plant something. Go for a walk. Do not sit and fret. That way no matter what happens? You'll at least have something productive to show for your time."

"If the club you belong to has it's hand out for money but not for friendship? 
There better be a very good reason why you're paying the dues. "

"Business? Is business."

"Married is married."

If a man tells you he's not the kind of man you should go out with? You might want to believe him."

And from my PawPaw?

"A man worth his keep will come to your house, get out of the car, go up to the door, introduce himself to your parents, hold the door open for you, open the car door for you, own the car you're about to drive off in, take you out into the world, bring you back at a decent hour, and then respectfully kiss you good night. 

That man is a keeper.

He'll also get to bed early because he has a job.

A man who'll drive up to your house in a car he doesn't own, honk the horn, yell out the window, "hurry up",  take you to a low dive bar, take you to some place in the middle of nowhere, bring you back home late and leave you to walk your own self to the door?

That man is headed for trouble.

Not for you."

"Having something constructive to do with your day even if you have the money to sit?
Is a good idea. Keeps you out of trouble."

"Do as I say, not as I do. I was young once. Learn from my mistakes."

"I'm in my 70's and here I am digging up a shrub by it's roots. Yes, I do have the money. Yes, I could hire someone.  This? Let's me know  -- who am I kidding."

"A rogue can make you laugh.
An earnest man can make you laugh.
Of the two?

The better bet is the earnest man."

"I married for sex and love.  I stayed for the biscuits and gravey."

"If you have the faith of a mustard seed? You can move mountains."

"There is a big difference between being polite and being a doormat."

"When someone looks at you with glittery eyes, promises you the moon, and then smiles? Might want to wonder what they want."

My addition to the list.

"Long or short best not to waste the breath that you're given."

"Life is best experienced with a sense of humor. Just as easy to laugh your troubles away as to cry. "

"In life you ride many roads and live many lives. Breathe deep the laughter and pain."

"In life? There's always a new tomorrow. Keep calm and carry on."


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