Wednesday, February 8, 2012

" You know I really do like this big screen tv."



  1. .

    Gayle King is co host on CBS This Morning?

    Wait a minute. She left The O Network?

    She left Oprah??

    And I had to hear about it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

    LOL It's a small world after alllll.

    I love archaic references.


  2. I really love this tv.

    It's huge so anyone on the tv screen is "huge-er".

    Now then if you could write 6 words that described your philosophy?

    The six word memoir courtesy of Gayle King on Jimmy Fallon.

    Oh and now I find out that Jimmy Kimmel's green room doesn't have a monkey with a giant penis but instead is inhabited by a monkey with a giant tail that looks like a giant penis.

  3. Happily swimming through life's muck backwards.

    Raging against the pleasant old ladies.

    Fast runner in 9 Wide shoes.

    I am really sick of sarchasm.


  4. What the heck are you doing?

    I was reading another blog's comments. There were passionate arguments over last night's Glee. If you looked at the time stamp for the comments you could see the dedication to the argument. People were "liking" comments.

    I was profoundly affected.

    LOL, if only the argument was about health care and tax reform.


  5. I'm supposed to be devistated about the news but honestly, I relieved.


  6. I'm writing here this summer.

    Right here.

    If you got here any other way?

    Go back and follow directions.


    LOL :P