Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I think that a right good paragraph or three would be in order.  Pages of paragraphs, I say, lovely paragraphs detailing the times, good or bad, about the life of  his right honorable Charles Dickens.  Lovely tales detailing the life and times of all around him.  Verbal portraits that entertain and , yes, educate.  For are we not better having read the tale of little Tiny Tim.  Are we not, each Christmas, reminded of the true meaning of Christmas? Are we not reminded to be kind to each other and not be a "Scrooge" to others? 

And what about cultural differences and the luck we have having not been born to France during the French Revolution?

For today, (thanks Google), we are reminded that it is that dear man, author Charles Dickens' birthday. Today and everyday this year there are plans to celebrate his great tallent and the fact that he got paid by the word.

So stop your griping English Lit Class.  Charles Dickens isn't your nemisis. Ah no, from what I've seen? He should be your patron saint. Expecially when a 300 word essay begins,

"Charles Dickens was a very, very,very, very, very, very important author from that jolly, jolly, jolly, jolly, jolly, jolly. (still have another 280 words to go better add another "jolly") jolly olde England...."



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