Wednesday, February 8, 2012


"Oddly enough, I'm not mad at the dog for making 'poopy' on the floor. I'm mad because I stepped in said 'poopy' at the exact minute that I had to 'pee'.

All I could think about was, 'Lift lid, lift lid again because it's a crap lid, pull down pants, sit down, and do not - do not put your left foot on the floor because that squishy feeling on the bottom of your show is 'doggy poop'  ".


10:30 Wakeup Call

C anne ford

Someone, who I've know for years, told me that to use the phrase, "I've seen you 'naked'.",  was crude.

So I'm making him a character and putting him the above situation.



"I've seen you  ' naked '."    phrase indicating how well you know a person.  You don't have to have actually seen the person naked. It's "naked" not naked.  Actually it's "I've seen you "nekkid".  Which here in the Deep South is probably the way you say it.

Nooooo it's probably more like,

"Don't be trying to pull that stuff on me? Bless your heart, honey, I've seen you "nekkid"."


"Get real."

LOL finally got the dog poopy off my shoe.


Good mercy, I need a conversation like a drug addict needs a fix. Oh and Paula Dean has Type 2 Diabetes.



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  1. . "... A guy walked up to me and said, "I'm going to tell you a joke because I find you physically attractive." I'm like , "What are you talkin--" when he interupts. "No, I'm not a pervert. I just want to sleep with you but I heard you tell a friend that you're only interested in guys with a sense of humor. Thought I'd cut to the chase. So the joke is 'Two guys walk into a ba-" Which is when I turned around and walked far, far, away. ...." From something I wrote but can't finish because the dogs, uh the dogs, are wanting to go out for walks and I still haven't put on my pants. Going, going, gone until all here is walked, feed, and has lap time. Then? I'm gonna take a bath and a nap. Talk to me. .