Wednesday, February 8, 2012



I usually reference this  particular scene when talking about love and interpersonal relationships.  Sure the idea of every morning waking up to someone who's hanging on my every word would annoy. I have two dogs who sleep with me and trust me when I tell you that when that much "enthusiasm" wakes you up in the morning?

It's annoying.

But the idea that each person has a situation that makes them happy isn't annoying.

For most of our lives we settle because we're told that it's just the reality of life. I don't think it is. You may not be able to order up Mr. Perfect but you can know yourself so that if he did show up on your door step?

You'd recognize him.

And the little things do matter.

I don't want the boundless attention of someone every morning.

I do want someone to actually like me.

That's important.

I don't hate Valentine's Day.

I just dread it.

All those flowers.

All those people in lurve.

If you aren't in a relationship?

This stuff can make you feel like the biggest loser on the planet.

I'm tired of making the best of it.

I really and truly am.

I'm not going out an celebrating my unique self on the 14th.

I'd like someone to send me flowers because they care not because according to the "check list of love" it's expected.

I'd like someone to care.

Life is interesting when you're with someone who gives a damm. The world's not so big and scary.  No matter how dark the night?

There's some lovely window with a light on and some person that gives a dam if you come home.

I'd like that.


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  1. Hurray. After alot of rain and gloom, it's sunny outside AND I don't have to wear a coat.

    No, I'm not complaining about the rain. All that rain brings the little flowers.

    I am celebrating the fact that it's beautiful outside.

    Hope you are happy in your place in the world.

    Remember. No matter where you go? There you are.