Sunday, March 30, 2014

Already Done list for Sunday (continued)

Well I did actually go outside to pull limbs.

Didn't finish but made a huge dent in what's left to do. It's going to look great. Have just a little bit more to finish near Big Dog's kennel. Then it's over to the pups kennels to sort limbs there.

Next I went and cooked the spaghetti dinner.
Cleaned shelf
unloaded and then loaded dishwasher
Sorted clothes
pre treated clothes
folded & washed more towel
began washing clothes from Spring cleaning closet.

I have to keep a chin up here because there might not be any completed tasks until tomorrow. I did get to see one area cleared and the cut trees ready for use.

For the rest of the day's doings, I'll log in tomorrow.

Pretty good day.


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