Monday, March 31, 2014

Already Done List

Monday con

made breakfast

washed dishes
washed the cabinet dishes (Spring clean)
fed, cleaned kennel, exercised, tick patrol the dogs
collected mail
sorted bills due and arranged for deposits
washed, dried, folded clothes in closet (Spring clean)
fed chickens

pulled limbs until dark

washed, dried, folded spring cleaning clothes
cooked supper

watched last How I Met Your Mother

Still need to shower
Fold clothes

Made good progress in Spring cleaning, kitchen cabinets, and pulling limbs. It really looks nice. I have a section of full grown trees down that we'll need to use the chain saw on but I'm concentrating on the areas that can be cut with the loppers.  BAD NEWS ALLERT  I broke the big loppers. Used them so much that the handle broke.

I should take photos.

Note. I was thinking about schedules. I wanted to finish this by the first of March. We spent more than a few beautiful Saturdays working at Lake Martin. Then in March we had things to do with the vet which meant showers and going to the vet.  This weekend I hoped that I might finish by April 1st.  As I was picking up limbs today I finally just stopped chasing the schedule and instead I just worked the task.  I do want to finish these three tasks before it gets hot. I've been working around weather and people. It's been beautiful today and yesterday.  I hope that we'll have more pretty days like today. It was perfect.


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