Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wednesday Already Done List\

Note: Wed. morning was a pain day. :(  Did the work. :) FU pain day.
Fed dogs
Put Big Dog out for run and poop. We were running late so he was in a hurry to get outside!
Made sure that he had food and water access
Washed clothes and dishes
Wed morning was spent doing research on INternet. 
Fed, watered, and cleaned kennels
Wed afternoon Pup and I continued to lop limbs and prep for chipper.  Got to clear limbs in the front center area. That's pretty much done. Surveyed the front and West side not much left to do there. The only real work is to remove the remaining downed trees up by Big Dog's kennel.  I'm not worried about sorting the limbs on the east side of the east fence. That's April's work so I'm not behind on that.

Pup and I did pretty good. About an hour before dark, WB brought the chainsaw. Yay!!!  Didn't take long to cut up the remaining big trees and the limbs.  Moved the downed trees until it was too dark to see.

Ate supper then started sketching

Beginning of Thursday's already done list

Fed the dogs
Sorted mail and bills
unloaded the dishwasher (dishes cleaned for kitchen spring cleaning)
Ate breakfast (tomato sandwich, apple sauce, tea)
Checked the tweets and emails.
Put dishes in dishwasher.

It's outside to work. These clear days have been a blessing! I'm giving the inside work a break. Really close to being truly caught up. Will be glad to start working on the house side of the fence. Need the break.

Oh, oh oh.  The honey bees are back!!!  Not as many as in the past but still they're here. Our blooming trees and shrubs are giving them quite a harvest of pollen. :)
The Mother's Day daisies are starting to bloom, Dog woods are here but not great. The cherry tree is awesome. I was worried that the rains would ruin the blooms but no. I'm going to need to take a photo today just in case there's bad weather.

Lots to do today.


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