Monday, March 31, 2014

Already done list Sunday night/MondayAM continued (this might be a duplicate post as my computer  stopped)

washed clothes for spring clean of closet
washed dishes and shelves in kitchen cabinets for spring clean of kitchen


plan for today

continue washing clothes to Spring clean closet & dishes to spring clean kitchen cabinets

and pull limbs to finish sorting limbs up at Big Dogs kennel.  Hopefully I'll be able to start the section next to the pups kennels at lunch.

I know that this sounds manic but think on it.  I've already cleaned the shelves in one cabinet and the dishes are loaded in the dish washer. I've already pre sorted the clothes so it's just a matter of putting them in the washer, dryer, and folding.  Then it's wait for the machines to do the work.  :)  While that's happening?  I can pull limbs. The only thing is there's no finished jobs at the end of yesterday.

I hope that will change by tonight.  I'll probably still be working on the closet and kitchen tomorrow but not pulling the limbs. 

Lots of hard work today. 

I can do it.

I think I can.
I think I can.
I can.
I can.

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