Sunday, March 2, 2014

I want to remember. Friday Feb 4, 2011.   From what mom said Thursday? Dad went into the hospital Jan 15th. I remember asking why they didn't call me when he first went into the hospital.  She said it was because they didn't want to worry me.  I tell here I could help. I have a background that might (and did) help. She spits out that I'd be of no use. Then Thursday she says again that he went into the hospital on the 15 of January. I tell here that they didn't contact me until the end of January. To be accurate?  Feb 4th, 2011.

My father is saying that UAB didn't keep him alive.  My father's doctor is talking to my sister in law. My mother is keeping him home with home health care. She's not taking him to the senior center. Now he's second guessing the people that kept him alive in favor of people that nearly put him in the ground.
I am very worried about my dad. Mom told him that she was by his side all of the time. She wasn't when he was unconscious. Then she  only went to see him once a day. The other time she was staying at my brother's house.  I know because I went to see him the rest of the time. She only started going there after she found out I was stay the rest of the time.

I'm worried for daddy. Very, very worried. I'm just not sure what to do.


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