Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh yah.  Time to work on the west fence and the woods edge. Might even cut through for path for nest kennel site. Got a lot done today. Still have to make sure there's no barbed wire on the west fence path but I think that it can be done.

Hope list for March, April, May?

No real order Just wake up, look out the window and pick something to do. Best priority is weather and what help that I have to do things.

learn to clean chain saw
get new chain for chain saw
take limb and sweep east, north, and west paths
cut trees sort out pole barn site

Pull up barbed wire on and along west fence.
Cut trees etal along west fence
Move trees to wash, to prevent wash, etc
Cut trees along wood edge
Remove vines and undergrowth
Cut path from east to west  fence lines
Cut path from new kennel area to the grass yard
Make moveable for walking across wash
Cut trees move vines on the house side of the east fence
Set up new chicken yard to clear grass
set up green house

clean around pecan trees
clean south fence line
fix kennels
set up new kennels
Dogs get shots and visits

organize yard
cut bushes for painter
estimates for painting house
make new chicken houses
put doors on chicken house
storage building behind house
storage building at new kennels
set up sink and solar water heater at kennels
learn to use post auger
use post auger to install gates and for kennel pen
set up wood pile for house and for each living section
set up swing
beer garden for WB
kitchen upgrade *sink, flooring, cabinet doors
Clean closets

This is a long list and it's definitely not in order. A lot is weather dependent. If it's raining there's inside stuff. Otherwise it's outside stuff.  The outside is important now because of the heat in June through September. I'm saving that for inside and for renovations that other people do.

We're doing pretty good. My goal for Feb was to clean the fence lines for the west parcel, the edges of the woods, and any place that was in the way when WB bush hogged.  I'm hoping to have this all done by Sunday next week. My goal for March was to finish the chicken and new dog kennels.  Get the dogs shots, clean my closets, clean WB's closets, and spring clean the kitchen. I need help for some of the outside work. I'm not keen on using the chainsaw without someone else here. Plus it's easier to cut and then move limbs with help. I have to work quickly because the sap rises and by June the bushes and grass can be tall.  Already the sap is rising. If it can stay coldish the snakes will stay in their dens.
Note MUST have west fence and gate sorted for the dogs to stay outside. That might be project for this coming weekend.

I'm so excited about what we did today. I know that it will be just beautiful by the end of next weekend.

April is for working on the house yard and putting up the green house. It should be warm enough to have the chickens in their new yard.  The only thing I can't really do is cut the front bushes. Have to make sure that the Mockingbirds don't have nests in the holly. Really should prune trees and root the cuttings.

Considering the sad thing that happened this past Thursday, I'm getting sleep. Has a lot to do with the physical work that we're doing. I'm just pooped. It's a good tired as I have something done and something to do tomorrow.

Songs that I heard today were by Colin Hay (Men at Work) and the Steel Sisters. (Re broadcast of a June  2013 Prairie Home Companion.

You know.  My perfect day is waking up, dressing, snack, sorting the dogs, going outside to work, break for late full breakfast or early lunch, project work in yard, visit with dogs while taking a rest or reading in the hammock, shower, supper, movie,  check the emails and watch previous night's LLS  or tv (Big Bang Theory, 2 broke girls, American Idol, the political shows on Friday night and the Sunday AM now that it's coming on the political season, How I Met Your Mother, and Glee)
I also like baseball (Braves)and college football (SEC games). It's lovely to work outside in the morning in Summer, shower, eat lunch, and then watch the Braves under the air conditioner. Chips, soda, or pop corn.

This is a lot to do. Going to bed. Lots to do tomorrow.

PS My parents are idiots. They could be spending time with all of their family. We're fun and we have something to show for our time.  We're interesting.  They're so wound up and uncomfortable. Hiding.  We're moving forward. Ah well I hope that things will change for them. For me? No more stories for them. I saw them in their real and I've got things to do. I haven't got time for that level of pain.

Today? They missed visiting with us after we worked outside.  Under the trees with Lucky, Pup, and WB.  All of us so tired. Except Lucky who could have gone on for the rest of the evening.  They missed seafood night at the local restaurant (oysters! and nice people). Tomorrow they'll miss more work but they'll also miss church and the lunch after. You've gotta love a church who'll take you in Sunday service dressed in your outside work clothes. Last Sunday I pulled tree limbs right up until 15 minutes before service. We came in late. I was wearing my tshirt covered in dirt.  Same for night meeting. Tomorrow will be the same. Worked around the rain last Sunday( it started just before church and stopped just after). They'll miss putting my boat in the water at the lake.  They'll miss the life here for staying at home. Holding on to old fights.  They'll miss us. Maybe. I hope that things will change but after last Thursday, I've stopped waiting for it like it was the only thing to do. Waiting for them to change like they're  the last bus of the night on a mean street.  Theirs is a mean street but here? It's not.

I miss Newt and Billy. I'd tell them and they'd tell me to go forward.  I think that they'd understand.

I miss Newt stories. I miss watching Billy dance. Seeing him with his head set in such a way. Reading his letters. Unlike the angst of my parents, Billy and Newt's  were creative worlds alive with thought.

I'd love to have BudN show up in the middle of all this. Like he did the last time.  I'd stop what I was doing. We'd all stop what we were doing and drink glasses of ice tea in the shade. Then?  Then we'd stand him a dinner from the It Don't Matter. Under the trees. It's a Sunday tradition.

And mercy, I miss having IrishDavid in my world. I miss him fierce.


To bed now. I found out last Thursday that I haven't wasted the very air that I breath. I have things to show for my time.
Good things.





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