Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nothing says fun like cutting small trees in the rain and cold.

Continued what I started yesterday.  Cutting and clearing woods and fence lines in front section of farm.  Last night I cut and cleared until I ran out of daylight.  Today I cut until I couldn't feel my toes from the cold. Came in and put on a pot of spaghetti, defrosted my fingers/toes,  changed into dry clothes,  and washed the wet clothes I took off. I'd love to have NOT done this but it's either this or not have things ready for this weekend's work.   I just have to push through the weather to make sure I get all done.

At this point?

My already done list

Cut saplings in the front section and on the fence lines.

Still to do?

Continue cutting and clearing until  front section fence lines are cleared, limbs are dealt with, and vines are cleared.

Clear east side of drive so WB can cut trees on fence line 


sort the limbs
clear the drive

If I do this, Saturday we can take the chain saw and clear the big trees, the fence line, and then finish what is left of cutting any remaining saplings

Also fill holes in path.

Also need to move fence panels so that I can work on them next week

Next week if I get through this one

fix chicken pen panels
fix door on chicken pen
move chicks to new home around a pecan tree
fix fence line holes
fix dog kennel panels


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