Monday, March 3, 2014

Wow what a great two days. We  had great weather (not hot nor cold).  Had help from WB and Pup. Today was one of those days when you look back and can actually see done what you set out to do. Even a neighbor complimented us for the good job. Still lots to do but I'm hoping to work hard for the next week. Then I can begin working to get the dogs and chickens settled. I'm hearing that we might have rain. In case it's rainy I'll start working inside the house. Movies, clean closets, and spring clean kitchen. Personally, I'm hoping for sunny weather until next Sunday. I can make up for the time spent working on the lake.

Already done list

learn to use chain saw

Cut small trees along fence lines
Use trees and limbs to fill wash
clear vines from trees
clear the two vine covered bushes
remove bushes that were covered with vines
remove barbed wire from fences
remove old fence posts
cut down cedar tree next to pecan
cut volunteer tree next to pecan
clear trees around pecans next to kennels
move vines and trees to make room for truck
talk to WB about budget
finish work parties at lake
sort church
sort parents
make list of things to do for next 3 months
take volunteer class
suss out other volunteer activity
get fabric for church project

I'm sure that there's other things that I've missed but the next three months are mapped out. Outside work, inside work, ready for painter, get painter and carpenter, move chickens, set up green house, clear the front fence lines, get dogs sorted for the year...

There's more but this is enough to think of. The idea is to phase in schedule for tai chi, gym, fencing, and sailing. Lol makes me tired to list it so I'll just list what's been done.

Fantastic two days. Got 99% of work done and got to do the volunteer work too. There's a party at the middle of the month. Time to give pups their <3 and="" br="" clip="" meds="" shots="" toenails.=""> I've pretty much concluded that my horoscope is a bust but hard work here at the farm, on the boat, or out at the lake isn't.

You should see the view.


I like to see the progress. The antidote to the nonsence that my parents of pushing.


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