Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday Already done list

It was a pretty good day even if it did start late and kind of rocky

(I fired Pup.  He was being a drahma queen. )

cleared cross fence line in front
began clearing the drive
began clearing the saplings between the front area and the cross fence
began clearing the section on east side of drive

This is the part right before you see all your hard work come to life. The middle part where giving up is something that you consider. Don't do it.

Things that I still have to:

finish clearing the saplings in north side
finish clearing the saplings on the east side of the drive
clean the north south cross fence
clean the south fence line
clean the remaining west fence line
clean the north woodland edge

sort, use, or dispose of the limbs, trunks, or vines

use the trunks for erosion control and to establish a terraced situation
chip or burn the limbs
bag vines except the confederate jessimine and the honeysuckle  Pot the jessimine and the honeysuckle

Use the chips for path ways.

Bush hog the areas along the cross fence

spray the fence lines

fix the slope area on east path

move the back fence off the trees

move the big trees and downed trees  you can use them for erosion control

set up a feed and water station

set up the chicken yards.

set up the new kennel area

storage building

tent platform

flower bed
dog wood
crepe myrtle
possum haw

herbs flat leaf parsley, mint, basil, lemon thyme, etc
lettuce tables
green onions

learn to put in a fence post. wood and tpost
learn to put up fence wire
learn to put up wood fence
learn to make a gate

Lots to do from now until June.


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