Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When the people doing it stop giving a dam...


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Late night on Saturday is the best movie time ever.

(or when does a parody of a parody "go south"?)

What is the difference between Buccaroo Bonzi and Rocky Horror Picture Show?

What makes one Youtube funny and the other just stupid?

And why was Obama Girl such a power for good (or evil depending on how you vote?


I'm worried.

Every once in a while we talk about the difference between Buccaroo Bonzi and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. One was (and, I guess still is) a cult classic and the other wanted to be one.

I'm still worried.

There is a moment when you break through a sort of wall. Believe it or not we've all probably felt it. That moment when a disaster happens and we're dripping in dog poop. You could loose it and go insame or - ? You can let loose. Start laughing and making fun of it. Parody. Then you laugh some more. It might look like a person stops caring and I guess they do in a way. Only in this case you retain your humanity. You can look at yourself and laugh.

"I can't afford to have an ego."

I told that to someone a year ago last June. I'd just jumped in the water and infront of complete strangers who were incredibly fit just acted a fool. On the one hand, it was kind of like my job. Afterwards, I had to go for a walk/slash run to work off the humiliation of it. If it weren't for the payoff (sailing) I'd have never gone back. It's not easy being "cheesy" 365 days out of the year. In order to do good parody you have to take what you're doing seriously. You break through the wall of selfconsciousness. LOL I know it's sounds cliche but you really do seriously have to "be" the tree or the prat fall. If you're showing the humor in the human condition and want people to laugh at the situation and at themselves? You have to "be" them and love them for it. That way they can love themselves. Parody.

"I love you crazy kid walking around with the shoes on the wrong feet but proud because you did it yourself." Later you laugh about it. Not to make fun but because to laugh at yourself when you goof up is one of those skills you need to survive life on Earth. I used to do something for a lifing that I really didn't like at all. It was responsible, well paying, and hard to do. If I still did it I would be respected in the community and pretty well off. I was worried when I quit, that I would regret the decission. I didn't. Time off didn't change my dread of going back to work. It just reminded me that I wasn't in a situation that let me laugh.

That's why I'm worried. It's one thing to parody unhappy behavior, it's another thing when the dread of a situation makes you stop laughing. Things change. You can roll with it. Look at the situation and change it so that the laughing comes back. But if you can't use this as a catalyst to change? Maybe it's better that you do something else. I did. It's not been easy but it was definately for the best.

And I did find my happy.

I would miss TV's Craig Ferguson's show. It's one of the places where I found my laugh again but I'm told that it's no fun to watch someone who truly doesn't like their situation. So I'm hoping that if they can't innovate here? He'll do what he apparently always has done.

Open the door and find something new to do.

Cause folks it ain't easy being "cheesy".


I'm an writer. It's in my "contract" that I might at some point write about falling on my ass or being covered in baby vomit. Now to some there's little or no humor in it but the reality is that situation can be the very essence of humor and being human. To laugh at the world and ourselves, to see the humor in the darkest of times, and to rise above it or sit there in the middle of it and laugh is the well spring of empathy. My dogs can't do that. As smart as they are they can't or won't sympathise with another dog who's had the same trouble in the pack as they have. We can because we can see the humor in this loco life.


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