Monday, September 13, 2010

Good morning.


So what did I miss.

September 11th.

I started to post something for the 11th. Instead we planted things here at the farm. I had a long talk with WB about it. I told him that the only whay that I knew to honor the folks killed that day was to do somthing possitive. So we bought plants and planted them. The saying is to "light a candle to curse the darkness." I'm thinking that nurturing something to bring and keep life going does the same.

So I'm back for a second. The last nine days have been spent on something approximating a vacation. WB and I got to spend some quality time together. Only one or two "fight" type things but mostly we ignored the to do list. Instead? I finally got to an art gallery and museum. We met a young lady that I hope has an art gallery in her future. Got the bad news that an excellent teacher has cancer. Very sad.

But for the first time after a vacation? I feel relaxed.


I went to bed early and got up at the "crack of dawn".

Then we walked.

Turns out if I actually get some sleep? I'm a moring person sans coffee.

And according to the bathroom scales?

I lost weight.

That is good vacation.

Now you may be thinking, "But wait? What about Pup?" Well, he gave us a bit of time true but he also had the best idea of the time off. Zombie night. An idea that was sooooo good we decided to keep it. So now for as long as it's interesting? Saturday night is junk food and movie night. Next Saturday is "Night of the Living Dead" and Big Bang Theory, Season 3. (I hope.) Pup is delighted. So are we.

The irony is that I didn't set foot once on the boat.

That however is about to change big time because in addition to "movie and pizza night" ? The weather is finally cooking off. Which can only mean one thing, weekends will be including boat time.


Hurricane in the Atlantic. Already a Cat 5? Thoughts are with folks in it's path. Having lived in huricane prone areas all my life, I know that the waiting really is the hardest part. Get your emergency kit ready, put the water in the bathtub, and don't forget the batteries.

I love this song.

Incase I don't get back before, Sept. 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Aye.

Gotta go feed the dogs.



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