Thursday, September 16, 2010

The NEW Late Late Show with Kristin


Ah no hang on, that's not Kristen. That's Tom Snyder interviewing John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten (1980).

Dunno' maybe this is the one:

LOL. Nope. That would be Craig Ferguson's interview with Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show. Okay I think I finally found a The Late late Show with Kristen.

The point?

I love cute cuddly things; Sid the Bunny, that cat on the WDWLATSTMC bumper, Zombies. I loved Mr. Rogers and his neigborhood. I really truly do but...


I want to hear the interview.

I loved the LLS with Craig Ferguson when it could talk about Johnny Rotten and the Canterbury Tales in the same monologue. Sure sometimes the references go under appreciated. That was the fun of it. I loved hearing an actress talk about Russian authors with Craig and never mention the latest movie she was in. On everyother interview show she was going to say the same thing but on Craig's show she was going to talk literature because she could. That was the great thing about the show. All those "off the path conversations".

The viewers loved it and were loyal because of it.
It was our little late night secret.

Where's the Pulitzer Prize winning author/journalist from Ohio. It's coming up on the Mid term elections. Some of those 16-18 year olds have a brain and love politics.



Now you might be wanting to ask, "Hang on. Is this about the quality of an interview or about the progression of John Lydon's life?" Well it's about the quality of the interview using the "scientific method". So all things being the same except the interviewer (kinda", this should be telling whether it's a good interview or not.


I was watching videos this morning (see the next post) and got to wondering what would have happened if the guitarist in this video had (accidentally of course) sat in an ant bed?

I'm bored. It happens.


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