Friday, January 13, 2012


Well, we almost made it through the night.

When Ivan finally jumped on my stomach at the exact time I had to go pee?
When I could see my breath inside the new cabin?

I did the only sane thing I could think of.

We all went inside.

The pups were joyous and I got to go tinkle without it freezing mid stream.

The good news is that WB brought insulation and I have (thanks to a heck of a good power extention cord have electricity. Took a bit of work and a ccouple of blown fuses. Did get the chickens sorted with heat lamps and plastic. Good news is that I now have the lamps needed for the brooder next spring. Yay.

Sun is out. Gonna let the pups out for their walkies and then inside for treat. Swap out the clean chicken water for the dirty one. Clean the dirty one (I do this daily. Makes for happy chickens. Make sure that the chicken bfood bowl is filled. Collect eggs. Move the chickens back into the chicken yard. Put the pups up. Clean the water bowls in the kennels (have to wait until mid day to do clean up because of the ice.)

Wash towels because today is Friday and it's wash the towels day.

Call mom to find out about my aunt.

Get the mail.

Already done list for this morning.

Walked two sets of outside dogs.
Made sure that the dog kennels are clean.
Dumped ice out of water bowls. Maked sure they have water. Will wash water bowls when it warms up outside.
Made sure that there's food and water for outside dogs.
Fed, walked, and gave meds to one of inside dogs.
Walked another of the pups.
Put one of the pups in the bathroom.
Made sure that bathroom floor is clean (disinfected).
Cleaned the water bowls and put food in the bowls in the bathroom for now inside pup.
Fed the bird.
Made sure that there is food and water for inside pups.
Found the other heater for cabin.
Checked on cabin to see if the heater that is outside is working.
Found broom and dust pan for cabin.

Made sure that the gates are closed.


Milk, rolls, ham, cheese, and buttermilk.


Homemade vegetable soup, ham and cheese sandwiches, bananas, and milk.


Cause baby? It's frickin' cold outside.

:D Ann,



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