Thursday, January 12, 2012



For the first time EVAH!! (at least on this blog)

Someone has posted in the comments.

True, it's a SPAM post about knock off hand bags but it is a comment.

Hurrah and hurray!!!

Now if I can only get someone to actually say hello?

I'd be delighted.


I really and truly do not like this song.

I reeaaaaaly don't.

It reminds me of this couple who'd been married 27 years, raised kids, and then divorced. Everyone who knew them was apparently required to take sides. They were both nice people but they married really young. When the kids grew up and moved out? They realized that there wasn't any relationship left. Very sad. First they let you know that you aren't welcome and then when you finally leave they tell you that they knew it would never last. Funny, it took less than a year for one of those busy bodies to fill the ex's shoes.

I didn't take sides because I like them both.

So someone? Give the "Sister Better Thans who make folks feel unwelcome cause what they really want is to be in the other person's shoes" a big ole kick in the ass.

LOL bunch of busybody gossips.

Besides. I was in one of those relationships. Lost alot of so called friends because of it. Found out that he was seeing me and someoneelse at the same time. Guess the folks who said I wasn't good enough missed that bit of gossip.

I really don't like this song.



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