Friday, January 13, 2012


LOL. Oh mercy. I just looked at the calender.

It's Friday, 13th or January.

AKA. Friday the 13th.

If I didn't already have enough complications.


I've got Friday, the 13th to contend with.


Three day weekend. WB will be here to help put up insulation in cabin.

Hopefully will be warmer tonight and we won't see out breath inside the cabin.

That's for outside.



Next couple of posts are new.

Will let you know how things go tonight. Hopefully I'll get to go to fencing tomorrow instead of spending the morning wrangling animals.

Missed tai chi yesterday and alreay I'm feeling cranky. Of course that could be because I spent part of last night sleeping with the dogs. Nothing says fun like a dog pouncing on a full bladder at 2am. Especially fun if the bathroom is next door and you have to try and lock the cabin door with gloves on while you have to pee and the dogs are running around and around barking because it's COLD and they want to go inside.

That MIGHT have something to do with me being cranky this AM.

OR it could be that the same pup who woke me up at 2am by poucing on my full bladder also woke me up again this AM by pouncing, licking me in the face, and demanding to go for walkies.

LOL. No sleeping through this Friday the 13th.

Like the sign says, "Keep calm. Carry on."

(I love my dogs. I love my dogs. I love my dogs. I love my dogs. Oh crap.
Seriously, we don't do this level of cold. That's why I have a sailboat and the dogs have short hair.)



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