Friday, January 13, 2012


Okay God here's the deal.

I know that we need cold weather. It's part of the circle of life thingy but seriously. It's cold. The temperature droped 50 degrees in 49 hours. I went from wearing shorts to wearing double layers of clothes.


(And it's Friday the 13th.)

Everyone's cranky.

The two legged people and the four and two legged critters are really cranky. Cassanova (the rooster) attacked me when I tried to put him in the now luxury chicken condo. I was trying to put him some place warm and he tried to spur me. HE JUMPED ON TOP OF THE CHICKEN HOUSE AND TRIED TO ATTACK ME WITH HIS FEET. HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE FEET. THERE ARE CLAWS AT THE END OF THEM. Sorry for shouting but he tried to attack me. LOL. I can't wait to try and take him out of the luxury chicken condo with indoor heat. If I weren't so soft hearted, I'd leave him in the chicken pen but that wouldn't be nice.

I am changing his name.

His new name?
Chicken Pot Pie.


I'm going to the beach next weekend.

I'm going to sit in a lawn chair in the sand and hope that it's not raining.
I'm going to sit in a lawn chair in the sand on the beach even if it is raining.
I'll wear an umbrella and a hat.

Hopefully? A miracle will happen and I'll have a romantic encounter.

Or at the very least?
I'll go out to eat without dog print and dog hair on my person.

I will be the elegant, grown up that I am.

Underneath all this animal stuff.

Sure, I'll miss the two and four legged critters but I need a break.

Love and kisses,


(PS If you're Newt and you're reading this? Hug. I can really use a hug.)

Now then, I'm off to the fun of living on a farm.

Back tonight to let you know what all we did this week. It was eventful.

And it started by me getting bit on the butt by a tick.

I'm not kidding.

I really, reaaally, reeaaallllly need that beach break.

I got bit on the but by a tick people.

It hurt.

I could have gotten, get this, DISEASES!!!!!!!

More tonight.



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