Wednesday, June 13, 2012

. Ooops. Almost forgot.

Can't be summer vacation with out that recommended summer reading list:

Here's the short list:

Fernando Poo from The Illuminatus Trilogy!

The Peter Principle by Dr. LJ Peter and L Hull

Catch 22 by J Heller

The yet to be published (these are working titles)

Can't Catch A Break. The Incredibly True But Seriously Pathetic Attempt to Over Throw My 5th Grade Summer Reading Group by DictatorX

K-Pop vs Justine Bieber: The Best of 2020 by Comander Xyz

The complete DVD set of Dr. Who

Any thing by Candace BushnellThe complete six seasons of Sex in the City special DVD addition with commentary.

To be continued....

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    I love the concept of the "summer reading list". Have been having fun thinking of the lists that different types of people might have.