Monday, December 30, 2013


Golly, golly.

To say that the next couple of day will be busy is an understatement.

This past week has been about the pup. I don't mind because it was important. Now that he's (a bit more) settled, because today we spent with my folks, and because everything else was put on the back burner?  There are things to do.

Things like cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the kennels, exercising the pups, and washing the clothes that didn't get washed over the last couple of days. Honestly, I feel so much better about pup (and because I always feel much better with clean kennel, kitchens, and closets), I'm actually looking forward to sorting things in the house. Pups will help me with the pups. That will move things along. I'm also not going to have to cook for the next two days.  Have the shopping done for the New Years day meal so I'm not going to have to stop everything to go to the grocery.  The place that I'm volunteering at isn't open this week.

 Only thing to do now is concentrate on bringing order to chaos.

Whistle while you work...

By the by our menu for New Years day is kind of old school southern.

Baked ham

Black eyed peas

Collard Greens

Sweet Potatoes

Turnip roots

Cornbread Dressing

Fruit salad

Green Salad with Ranch Dressing

Cranberry sauce

Sweet honey mustard

Sweet Gherkins


Green onions

Martin's hot vegetable relish


Sweet Tea

Key Lime Pie

I know that this sounds like a lot of food for three people but it's not. 

A little of everything a lot of some.

Lots of collards

A little of the cornbread dressing


Enough for left overs.

Since we didn't cook for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I'm looking forward to New Years.

Happy New Year.


WB, Pup, me, and all the dogs here at Casa 12dots.


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  1. Got the dog's kennels sorted. Got the stray dog exercised. Still have the kitchen to do and to get ready for cooking tomorrow. One of the dogs is telling me it's time to get busy. Hope that you have an excellent and safe new year. Ann