Wednesday, January 1, 2014

No I don't protest too much. I honestly don't like this person. I don't want to be on his radar.

He is and in my opinion always will be a jerk.

I don't think or wonder about his life at all.


 Was really looking forward to working out at the lake. Finally things are moving along and there will be a boat ramp to use this spring.  Then?  I got the email that SB will be coming to work too.

I'm not looking forward to this.

I plan to work hard and fast and avoid him like I would avoid a plague.

He's a jerk.  I rarely honestly dislike people but this person I can never hear of and be happy.

So Santa or Mr. Blueberry?  If you have something for him to do every Saturday for the next two months? Something to do in another state? I would honestly be happy.

 I promise to work hard and have fun. This isn't a live lesson about working around people who you don't like. He's better off doing anything other than being at that lake.


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  1. Hurrah and joy. They seem to be busy. Good for them and good for me too.