Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My dad told me the story about a man and his son. 

The son was working at a boat yard. Everyday at lunch, the dad would bring them both something to eat. They'd go down to the dock, eat lunch, and talk.  He did this everyday his son was at work. Then Dad told me how the son came to work at that boat yard. The son had gotten in trouble at his previous job. It had to do with money. The Dad got him a job at the boat yard.  The boat yard was a family business. The owners were friends and had a big family. They just took the son and his father in as one more of their own.

And everyday the Dad went to see his son.  He couldn't always change the past, but he could keep him company in the present.

I always think on that whenever I see Pup. I think of God and of family and how lucky a person is to have a Father's love.

I think of this song too.

I don't understand my Mom so much. I try to but I don't. I think that she loves me. I think that she has a reason for why she does what she does.

I tell myself that I'm lucky to have a family at all and then I count my blessings.

I remind myself that "I'm strong."

And I tell myself how lucky I am to have Pup, a roof over my head, something good to do with my time, and that I have a church family to take me in.

My Mom, my Dad, Pup, WB, I'm -- we're still alive.

There's still time.



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