Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year.

Thank the Lord above, there was a sale at the shoe store and I bought not one but two pairs of rubber boots. After weeks of wet cold feet? My toes are tapping.  Also, I now own an orange sweat shirt that will let folks know that I'm a dear not a deer, a pair of red shoes to wear around the house, a scarf to keep me warm, and socks.  I am very happy about all this.

You will never believe what happened last night.

I missed the midnight.

Yesterday  (after writing on the blog) , I spent the afternoon moving dog kennels, cleaning dog kennels, moving chick yard, moving chickens, exercising dogs, working with Stray Dog (who now has a real name and not the Stray Dog name), and then getting the dinner...  by 9pm?  I was just too tired and decided to take a nap. A nap that went through midnight and until 7:30am this morning.

Pup stayed up to watch the NYC celebration and then went to sleep.

For the first time in years, there was no ringing of the chime at midnight, there wasn't any recitation of the Preamble nor the First Amendment, no Auld Lang Sine,  or lighting of a candle.

If anyone came to my gate? Only the porch light was on.

I was asleep.

This was good because today was spent running errands and exercising Stray Dog. We did eat traditionally (black eyed peas, collards, rice, etc.) but there was also pizza. Then was the washing of the clothes.  It's warmed up from the freezing rain but it's still gloomy. The weather report is that it will clear tomorrow but will start raining. I just got the email that Saturday is a work party.

That doesn't include the extra time that will be spent working with stray dog. Domi is furious. She keeps her eyes glued to the window when I'm working with the new guest.  I'm giving her extra attention but I'm not sure if it's helping. J has taken to his dog bed in despair. Sometimes- I think that I live with drahhmah queens instead of pups.

I needed the rest.

Not the day that I'd planned but not too bad either.

Oh and guess what?

I found the list, The list that I wrote many many years ago!!!  I had a few things that I'd forgot and a few more to cross of the list.


Again, Happy New Year.

Author Anne


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