Thursday, January 16, 2014

note from author

Folks, I'm really and truly tired.  It's cold this morning so the pups and chickens are sleeping in. I'm going to get some sleep as well. Part of it is lack of sleep for the last week. With the unusual weather, Pup and I have been wrangling animals so that they won't turn into Pup-sicles.  Last night I listened for sounds of trees falling and pups uncomfortable.  As I lay there, I also ran through what happened yesterday.  I was so tired and so sad about it all. 

It's going to be sunny and warm this afternoon. Think I'll get a nap now and then go out to play with the dogs later. Not lazy. I just need to sleep and so do the pups.

I could use a hug. This is really a disappointing development. 


In other good news, this isn't a pain day. Just lack of sleep over an extended time period.

Boy am I looking forward to the spring..



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  1. Anyone listen to the above YouTube and wonder where the time-lapse photography went. You know the visuals where there's snow and then slowly a plant emerges from the earth. Like the song, it's all crescendos and promises but nothing.

    Whine.... Gonna go find that other song.