Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wow. Busy three days.

Already done list

Remember my writing about cutting small trees and limbs in the cold and the rain?   Well the next couple of days were better. Today and yesterday were great.


We continued to cut trees and move limbs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The difference was that we had WB and the chain saw to cut bigger trees, 


All the big trees along the southern cross fence are now gone.
Moved limbs in that area that I cut last week.
Cut the rest of the small trees with the loppers especially happy that the snakey place is cleared. WB cut trees along the fence so that all I have to do is move them to the staging area to be chipped, moved to wash, or burned.

Then we started clearing the east side of the drive (small stuff). We'll cut any larger trees next week ( I hope.)\

The best news is that the bushes next to the drive/road are cut and I began moving them out this evening.

Also cut is a good clear path to the wash from around the dog kennel. Still more chain saw work to do but there's also lopper work that I can do in the mean time.

Got to visit with a neighbor and learn stuff. 

Ran errands, got dog food and kennel litter, got a new leash for the pups, checked on puppy class, got a new chain saw blade, etc, etc...

Still more to do.  WB is shaking his head when I tell him that things look so much better but then I saw it before the tree were moved.

I'm thinking about moving  the chickens to where we cut the trees so that they can get bugs and I can get a cleared area.

This was a good couple of days.  Sorry that I didn't get log it in daily but honestly? I needed the time to do the work.

Oh Oh Oh. Also saw a friend today at the store. Such a nice person and always a joy to see. We both love our pups.

Gonna get a shower, get the dog, and get some sleep.  The big pup barked when he couldn't see me. He was telling me that it was time to go inside and get some rest.

I love my dogs.

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