Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everybody Wants To Rule The World...



For what it's worth. I don't think that this is a Republican vs Democrat or a "Conservative" vs "Liberal" problem. Nope. I think it's actually a comment on the perceived disconnect between the people in office and the people they represent. And? I believe it's economic. LOL That's not a unique view is it. More than a few times I've heard that if the economy was doing good? Folks wouldn't have near the reaction to what's going on "...inside the Washington beltway..." They'd be too busy complaining about how Christmas ads were coming out too early and how we'd not even had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet." There'd be grumbling about how expensive things were getting to be but still nothing this angry. We're "marinating" in a soup of angry. Not sure how things are going in your world, but here it's almost nonstop about how bad the economy is. Then there'll be a commercial about how if we're truly to enjoy Christmas or our lives in general we need to buy this thing that costs way too much. Then were told that because we can't buy this thing our life must be terrible and we should be angry about it. Next thing you know there's shouting and "Throw the bum outting" and well you end up with the lady at the home store mad at you because you asked (in passing mind you) what the score was for the college ball game that day.


You know what? I'm thinking that this is economic in more ways than one. It's trying another way to get us all to buy stuff. It's trying another way to get us to watch or listen to yet another commentator. Doesn't matter what side you're on. I just wished they'd talk about the issues and then find the answers. All this yelling is just pizzing folks off but it's not helping to find the answers.

I'm going to ignore it and vote for the candidate that I actually will represent me during the upcoming election cycle. It's not always easy but if I try really hard?

I'll get what I need.



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