Tuesday, November 2, 2010



There have been election years where I've gone to the polls and thought, "I've got no clue." Then I'd vote the best I could while holding my nose. After a little while, I finally figured out that there really was a best choice even when the two choices weren't so good.

For the last couple of cycles I've been saying that the time for a new political party to emerge had come. You'd see it in the polls. Folk wouldn't want either candidate. Then the 2004 Democratic pre-primary meeting came along. Not much happy there for the presumed nominee but the room went wild for the fella from Vermont. His message rang loud and clear. In his opinion and in the opinion of many in the room both parties had forgotten the rest of the country. It was time to stop telling folks what they should want and listen to what they needed. When the crowd went wild? Admit it or not, in the subconscious folks knew Howard Dean was right. It was later after he'd lost the primary bid and was made head of the Democratic Party that he began a 50 state strategy giving money to not only the well known in heavily favored Democrat races but also to those states thought to be

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