Monday, January 24, 2011

From waaay back


Was rummaging through the old 12dogs archives looking for a poem when I found something that I'd written back in 2008. Thought I might bring it out into the light of day and maybe buff it up a bit.


Work in Progress

I feel as if I’m in the dark with my eyes wide open but I can not see

It’s not a frightening dark

It’s a soft, liquid, slightly out of focus dark

As I move through your mind

Everything is soft

Like down pillows and down comforters


Like feathers falling from the sky

Snow flakes


Like a whisper of a wisp

When I stumble and I fall?

I fall into clouds


Wisps of clouds like dust swirl up around me as I fall into the emotion

That’s how this afternoon felt

Words like






Sad…because a friend was leaving

A smile — because another friend had stayed

The day soft

I wrote the sorrow away from my heart

The emotions coraled into a box of words

Put back into Pandora’s Box

Only this time Hope

Outside the box


Falling up

As I move through the soft in slow motion

Soft word on the lips

My mind’s eye comforted

Writing in slow motion

My heart sings

Please don’t be angry with me

All unintentional

I have to write



Author Ann

21 October,2008 all rights reserved by the author

Yep, yep. I remember the feeling. Now, when I read it, I'm thinking it's too long. Werdy. The idea was to convey my impression of a person.

Might break it into smaller pieces. Reconstitute into a group of poems instead of just one.

"Standing" here on it's own, this piece needs to be reworked.


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