Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good morning!

Læsere fra Danmark.

God dag! Hvordan vil De?


Readers from Denmark.

Good day! How are you?

Finally a reason to watch that horse. Yay Chris @nerdist on the tweety mail!!!

Dear Gentle Readers,

Sorry that I didn't finish the last post. Lest anyone think that I was being snotty to the folks at the nerdist?




I had a fantastic time reading one of the blog posts. Subject? Time travel. Much fun and interesting.

I know that I didn't finish the last post. Don't have time to this morning. As I was about to turn on the computer and finish said post, I was over come with the desire to sleep.

So I did.

Which is good becaue I feel much better this morning. Thank goodness it's neither raining or freezing or gloomy for that matter.

Rested, sunny mood, things to do? Yay.

And head to toe? I smell delicious. Especially this part on the neck. Right here behind my ear. Hmmmmmmm.

Have things to do today so no more writing until late tonight or perhaps tomorrow.

Til then? Tweet me @GoatHerderBoy



LOL @craigyferg being the Huggy Bear of late night. LOL I wish.


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