Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union address


President Obama's State of the Union speech, 8PM Central Standard Time, on all the major networks.

Colorful political analysis afterwards.

(Insert Youtube of president's speech here tomorrow.)

HURRAY the president's State of the Union speech is AFTER Glee!

I am soooo happy.

I always watch.

We watched to see if Rep Nancy Pelosi could keep her pompoms down long enough for us to hear the Prez and now we're watching to see if Rep Boehner starts crying when President Obama reminds him that he, Obama, is still the president.


Jeff Foxworthy, the "you might be a Redneck" guy, does a comedy sketch about presidential speeches being on television. The complaint he had as a kid was that the president was on every tv channel.

Apparently it conflicted with watching "Flipper".

Tonight I'm trying to be a grown up. I know that these speeches are important to watch but another part of me says, "Ah heck. Am I going to miss Glee?"


This stuff is important. Someone went to all the trouble to write and produce these speeches. It's important to watch.

Grow up.

Watch the speech.

It's important.

(You know you'll have to contribute your opinion about this speech tomorrow at work. If you have a job. If you don't. You are really gonna' want to watch this speech. So that you can vote.)

Please Note

If you don't want to watch the speech you can watch (according to online TVGuide-)

Hellcats on the CW

FourWeddings and a Funeral (movie) on TVGN (the TV Guide Network)


MeanGirls on (huh?) ABCFamily ? You know, ABC, that doesn't sound very family like.)

There's other stuff but you'll have to go find out yourself.

Don't forget to vote!


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