Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whoo hooo! It's Oscar nom time!


I used to love this time of year.

Actually, when it came to movies, I loved all the year. There's something lovely about going into a theater, large multiplex or small art house, and waiting with pop corn in hand for the house lights to dim. There on that huge screen time stopped and magic hopefully happened.

Not anymore.

While there are still really good movies being made, I just can't justify spending the 12 to 15 dollars a ticket to see one. Sure I saw Avitar in 3D. Yes, there will be exceptions. After seeing Inception on DVD, I'm sorry that I didn't see that movie on the big screen. It's just that I can see live professionally done theater for not much more. It supports the arts locally and well the theater productions here won't be coming out on NetFlex.

As for True Grit?

I have this feeling that Jeff Bridges will win the Oscar for the new True Grit.

From what I've heard, Mr. Bridges' performance isn't a copy of John Wayne's. While it's based on the same book, Mr. Bridges' performance stands on it's own as does Mr. Wayne's. I expect that there will be all kinds of warm and fuzzy feellings about the parallels between the two men, their performances, and there Oscars.

When True Grit comes out on DVD, I'll be able to watch the Jeff Bridges' version of the movie. Then I'll rent the John Wayne version. Comparing the two performances vs the book character might be fun.


The year that John Wayne won his Oscar for playing the lead in True Grit his competition was fierce:

Peter OToole Goodbye Mr. Chips

Dustin Hoffman Midnight Cowboy

John Voight Midnight Cowboy

Richard Burton Ann of the Thousand Days


John Wayne TrueGrit

You can see it here. He gave a great speech.


LOL Youtube, gotta love it.


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