Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello and welcome!

I've been looking at the stats and noticed.

If you are from Denmark?

Hvis De kommer fra Danmark?

HI YA. De kom tilbage? Velkommen. Hvordan vil De? Hvad musik hører de efter? Hvad vil De læser?

Tak for besøgende min blog.


English translation?

Hi ya. You came back? Welcome. How are you? What music are you listening too? What are you reading?

Thank you for visiting my blog.


If you are from France?

Si vous êtes la France.

HiYa. Vous êtes revenu ? Bienvenue. Comment allez-vous ? Quelle musique écoutez-vous ? Quels livres êtes-vous lisant ?

Merci de visiter mon blog !


If you are from the US and from England?

Hi Ya and welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog! What music are you listening to? What books are you reading? Hope you have a great day.


Now to the next blog?

Well, AuthorAnn is a bit cranky.

Have lots to do this weekend so there's not much in the way of writing but that should change by Monday.



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