Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Crazy for the French Quarter.

I remember walking down Bourbon Street singing,  "...I'm crazy for this lady..."

I'm wearing this fierce black hat and I'm mad.

So idiot took two cents when I'd have given him the dollar.

I'm walking down Bourbon Street with my head held high.

I'll show 'em.

When out of the door way wearing a pimp purple suit was Michael Clarke Duncan.
The man steps up and shakes my hand.

I smile because he's this bear of a man and I know that I'm going to be okay.

I'm doin it for me.

I'm doin it for my father.

I get to Esplanade when a Voodoo King calls to me.

"I like that hat." he says.

"I do to." I say.

"What is up? What are you doin'?" he says.

I tell him.

He gives me a tung nut. Gives one to WB and Pup too.

Tells me that it will keep us safe.

8 months later Katrina comes.

I'm safe.

So is WB and Pup.

I never did hear what happened to that Voodoo Man


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