Friday, November 1, 2013

Now if I can just get in touch with IrishDavid or Newt. I would be one happy person...


From a previous post ---

"... Can you please get Sailing Buddy a girl friend and a good reason to live across the country in another state? ... Please? ...."


I just got the news. Just this minute.
Oh Santa, you did it.

It is a dream come true. You're sending Sailing Buddy across the country!  Oh happy day. Already I am giddy with the news. But why wait until summer Santa. Why not send him now? 

Imagine how much fun he will have in all that snow.  :)

How can I ever tell you how happy I am about this. 
Hugs Santa baby. You are just the best.



I'm finally looking forward to the new year sailing. :)


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