Monday, October 28, 2013


Sometimes I feel like I'm a tree in the forrest talking out loud. Like the friggin burning bush (someone is reading over my shoulder and just asked, "That's an STD isn't?" and then had the audacity to star laughing at my predicament. In a minute, they will probably start proof reading this for spelling errors. My life is laughable and they're proof reading.

I am a Saaad Panda.

I have to go watch Dick Figures on Youtuby quick.

Saaaaaaaaadddd Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnda.

Sob. Wheeze, Boo hoo. Shart.

Now they're not only correcting my spelling, they are trying to write me blog.

Really really really really REALLY Sad Panda.

My life is pathetic but this blog post is actually pretty good.

Audience just used BIG word. I can't spell it - shut up person reading over my should. I KNOW that you are a Happy Smart Panda but it you keep this up I'm going to add another adjective to the list and YOU will become Happy Smart Azz Panda.

Because I said so.

And noooww

The time has come to go to sleep

Good night.
Goooooooooodddddd NNNNNiiiiggggghhht.

Lol Person reading over my shoulder known still as HApppy Smart Azz Panda just reminded me of great video..

Fork in the Garbage Disposal Dance AkA Yes dance

Click the title of this blog and I'll post link.

I'm sooo tired.

... No not depressed, just tired. Long day.



  1. Happy Sad Azz Panda is now making fun of my age demographic.

    That is wrong and ageist, Happy Sad Azz Panda.

    Just wrong.

    Some day I will control your inheritance ( if there's any left by the time my other family members get through with it. I am a disinherited heir)

    And when that day comes, if you keep this up, I'm going to leave all my money to the Church of the Subgenius.


    Or those lemers at the zoo.

    Or my dogs.

    Then I just might lapse into a drunken orgy and leave it to Boopsie.

    YOu better be nice to me.

    Or I'll typo you into a Happy Sad Azz Panda who asks, "Want fries with that?"

    That's funn

  2. Note from legal department.

    No kids. You're okay. She's just kidding. No no no calm down. Its okie dokie.
    I know she's not leaving to the lemers or Boopsie the Pastafarian Princes. or Yeties.

    Tee hee.


  3. And what is the difference between laughing hysterically and laughing "hysterically"...