Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No capital punishment.

For those of you who've read this blog know,  my setting hens were attacked by an evil possum


My stomach is twisted in knots.

WB got the bright idea to get a possum trap. The possum had come back after that first night, scared the hens off their nests, and then ate all but two of the eggs. Bless their hearts. They were frantic. The rooster was upset. No one got any sleep.

So WB got the possum trap and set it up last night. All night I had dreams of baby possums. "You captured our possum mommy!", little possum babies were saying in my dreams. I tossed and turned. This morning the dogs were barking and the rooster crowing. Out we went to see what happened. WB in his suit and tie and me in t shirt and shorts. Any hope that the possum was holed up with his babies was dashed when I heard WB shout, "Bring me the pellet gun! We captured that egg eating possum!" My heart sank.

Some how I've managed to delay WB's wrath but I'm not sure how long. Last I heard him say was that we could fatten that possum up with corn and eat him for Thanksgiving.    WB may wear a tie to work but I can tell you that he's a Alabama red neck when it comes to stuff like this.

Gentle Reader. Some how? I've got to find a way to relocate this possum by tonight or he or she will be dinner. I am not going to shoot, skin, and eat that living and breathing mammal. The rattle snake was bad enough but I am drawing the line at this possum. I know I was mad at it because it ate the chickens eggs and disrupted my setting hens but I'm not mad enough to kill it.

I'm against capital punishment.


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