Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You know, Ever since I've started writing this particular blog, no one has commented. Not one person. I know that people read the blog they just don't comment.   Got me to thinking that maybe it's time for a few changes to my own life.  

Not sure what I'll do.  WB is always unhappy. Pup's grown. My folks seem to be an island unto themselves.  I go out into the world and people are nice in that business like, "let's all get along so that we can get through this and go home"  kind of way. I miss Irish David and Newt but I doubt that I'll ever hear from them.  Everyone seems to have this other thing to do. All those years of them telling me how they only wanted for my own good when in reality they were just doing things for their own good seem to coming to an end.  At least I didn't become mean spirited.  I didn't become the liars that they became. I'm still, in my heart kind.

I do have my dogs, a roof over my head, and the chickens. People are polite.  If I'm lucky we'll all continue to be polite. I'll hold tea parties for my dogs and hope that Pup will meet someone nice and have kids. I never got a chance to have the friends and family. Home and a companionship, look unlikely.

After years of listening to people tell me my shortcomings, it will be refreshing to have them ignore me.

But hey, I learned how to live my life alone.  Doesn't that sound fun.

I don't have to be funny or engaging. 

I don't have to care.

I just have to be polite.

Thank you people in the world who've talked to me and who've been polite because that's just who you are.  I'm sorry that we never got to be friends.  I was lucky to have shared life's everyday events with you. It made a difficult situation better.  If I said hello and hugged your neck?  I meant it.

Not sure how I'm going to spend the rest of the year.  Considering the people who've spent time telling me what a useless twit I am, can't see I'd being doing much of interest to anyone.

I'm thinking that WB has been so miserable that he's gonna  leave.
Don't know what Pup's going to do.
Any hope that I'd see IrishDavid again or hear from Newt seem unlikely.

Time to get off the crazy train. 

I hear the next stop is Hopeful and Happy station.

If anyone hears from Irish David, tell him that I'd like to talk to him before I go.

Yours truly,

Sad Panda.


PS  Oh for the love of Pete,

This is 12dotsandablot.
A writer's blog.
A fiction writer's blog.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which?
Don't ASSume.


Writer Ann

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