Saturday, November 2, 2013


According to a cook magazine, (Yes, Virginia, I do read them and I do cook.) no matter what your cultural beginnings, there is some holiday celebrate from now until the end of this year.

And some even after in January.

No matter if you are  riding a sleigh or a jet ski or surfing the waves, there is mirth and holiday opportunities to be had.

This year is especially happy.

Our Thanksgiving tradition of going to get take out turkey  and dressing from the world's best restaurant and eating off of a workbox has been saved.  The restaurant that was burning to the ground last year is open. 

We've even been invited to a family Thanksgiving.


Last month, as I counted down the days for this particular holiday,  I said to myself,

"You know it's been a long, wet (or dry) summer for someone.

Only one cure for this gloppy uneven year.

Road trip."

Then I looked at the gas pump and then the airline ticket prices and then at my wallet and said,

"Maybe not."

Then I said the one word that is universal and doable no matter where you are or what your circumstances.

Served or paper or china.

Cooked by the finest chefs


by KFC.

No matter where you are.

There is one thing almost as good as a road trip.

All together now.

As I write the opening words for the winter holidays.

No matter who or where you are.

The word is...

"Let's Party"


I'm so happy.

Unless there's a reason, all writing for the rest of this year will be in the comments for this blog post.

Or on the Tweety.

Or Instagram.

Or ?

Starting with....

You know it makes me want to shout... Happy!

Blog stupid...
But drive responsibly.






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  1. Sigh that was until stuff happened and I started posting.