Friday, March 14, 2014

Already done list!!


WB got the chicken fence panels disentangled :)
Got the dogs fed/lap time  and Big Pup exercised:)

Clean dishes out and dirty dishes into dishwasher.

Folded clothed, put wet into the dryer and dirty into washer

Did errands to the south

Bought two new pairs of sweat pants as I've pretty much shredded the ones I have.
Got a great deal on a print with frame, a great basket that I think is hand made in US, and a great deal on socks all for 4 dollars. I also helped the local economy as it was at a regular yard sale. This is someone who also sells antiques up the road so she has really good stuff. She said I could bring some of my stuff to sell or she'd buy it.  Time to sell the extra stuff! Spring cleaning coming!

Bought three scoops at the local feed and seed.  Now Big Pup has his own scoop!

Got a great BBQ sandwich and a chocolate milk shake for lunch.

Got gas for the chainsaw and car.

Looked up the swing set that Sonny made.

Found some free OSB for chickens

Went home, folded clothes, put clothes into dryer, put blankets, socks, and new sweat pants into washer.

Drank a soda. Lol today it was important.

Took Big Dog outside with WB and I.  He kept us company while we cut trees.

Cut and lopped  trees.  I mean actual trees not the tiny ones.  First WB did a section and then I did. Got the chain stuck a couple of times and at one point thought that I'd broken the chain saw but it's okay.  WB found an additive that helps the chainsaw start.  We cleared the area next to Big Dogs kennel. These were pretty big trees.

Removed the understory from around the pecan tree next to Big Dogs kennel.

Cut a section east to west which clears a path through the woods, I got my turn at cutting trees from the west section, north section and around the east section until I ran out of gas and then? Got the chain saw stuck in a tree. Lucky for me I had a cool head and turned it off so that I didn't get hurt. Did have an scary moment where I was holding the chain saw up while yelling to WB. Unfortunately WB was also cutting trees and had his ear plugs on. Finally he looked down the fence line to see me frantically waving my hands and did nothing!!  Got the tree off the chain saw and carried the thing cradled in my arms like a baby.  Short story is that the saw was fixed (yay WB) and he worked with me until we cleared the east fence line.  This included finishing a new path to by pass the uneven section along the fence.  Got my confidence back and continued cutting trees along the woods line until I'd finished what we were going to do on the east side of the woods. There are still trees that need to be removed but I have to wait until I can pull the vines out of the trees. The sun went down right as we ran out of gas again.  All that remains for tomorrow is to clean the southern edge of the woods, the western fence,  refine the area around Big Dog's kennel,  clear the southern most section between the washes, clear the volunteer trees that are around the bigger trees next to Big Dog's kennel, and finally the eastern side of the drive.

And of course the trees have to be limbed and sorted. 

And I have to fix the western fence to keep the dogs in. There's only three sections of about 24 feet.

It's a lot to do but I think that we can get the trees cut. I will be up to Pup and I to limb and sort the trees and also to fix the fence.  We can do it.

I'm hoping to finish this over the weekend because it's supposed to rain first of next week.  Rain = finally cleaning the closet and kitchen. If I'm lucky, I'll also get the dogs sorted, the sink table sorted, and the chicken pen sorted.  I planned to finish by the end of the month. Fingers crossed and good weather as well.

Pretty busy here. Lovely to see the progress.



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