Thursday, March 13, 2014

Everywhere we go here is like a classroom. I learn everyday from all kinds of people. I'm learning just like I learned from my Grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, people at work and church, and the people who answer my questions and talk to me about the things that have worked for them. Thanks, I'm learning.

I'm hoping what I'm doing will rub off.  I really am.

I'm so sleepy by the time LLS comes on I can hardly keep my eyes open.  Maybe when I'm finished, I'll be able to or maybe he'll come to the new civic center up the road. I don't know.

You know something? I sure could use a hug right now. I could use someone in my corner who thinks I'm great for what I'm doing now. They guys that came to cut down the limbs reminded me about how nice it is just to be around nice people.

Maybe their good works will rub off on me. I was watching too.



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