Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wooo Hooo Breakfast out with WB and then Cutting trees and clearing vines. Cleared what we're going to on the southern side of the woods and on the western fence. Moved limbs so that we could get an idea of how it looks. Stopped for lunch and for trip to store to get screws and sodas. I'm going out to continue chainsaw work until it starts raining and then? I'm going to take a shower, put on clean clothes, and watch a movie. Yes, Virginia, I'm taking a break from working outside. It's supposed to rain tomorrow which means working inside,closet and kitchen, until I finish or until it stops raining and we can go back outside. Still have more chainsaw work on the east front fence, under the front parcel, and up around Big Pups kennel. What remains? complete the sink table sort out dogs make sure that dog records are current Give dogs baths clean kitchen clean closet sort, use, get ready to use, chip, or burn the limbs Fix the kennel panels Fix the chicken panels put doors on the baby chick pen Set up the baby chick house Set up the baby chick box Buy baby chick food Make sure the heat lamp works Wash the dog houses and food hoppers set up the kennels set up the chicken enclosures. set up the hose reels Do a general mow, weed eat, spray, and clean up of the west parcel Clean the drive Move the chickens to clean up grass for green house For April Set up green house Chainsaw work in back yard and along front fence Prune the hedges Weed eat around trees Make sure that the baby chick enclosure is set up Set up chicken yard around pecan trees Sort the limbs and get them ready to chip, burn, or use Get the chipper burn the remaining limbs get cabinet doors paint cabinets start working on Pup's room start tai chi the y walk 5miles Pup has volunteered to make an auto water for the dogs. May Make sure that the house/yard is ready for painters Reno work on house Front porch columns

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