Wednesday, March 12, 2014

. Note. There are a lot of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in this post. Sorry. Very busy. Very, very busy. The tree that I wrote the short story about is saved and safe. The story (if you aren't familiar with it) is where we found the chicken eggs and the end of the rainbow. Who knows why God does things. Sometimes it's a mystery but for whatever reason I'm grateful. Now then. To catch up on the Already Done List. The cedar tree is limbed, sorted, and ready to go on it's way. The limbs along the front fence line have been moved. This morning will be very early so that I can make sure to move any logs for the wood pile and pine straw for flower beds, limbs for the washes, and things for the chipper. I have to decide what to do. If I'm very industrious? I get to play with the pups later this morning. Then? Then I'm going to take a shower, put on clean clothes, put clean sheets/blankets on the bed and get ready for cold weather? Yep. Easter is late this year. Still time for another batch of WB's homemade, crock pot chili this Saturday AM. The bad news is that I haven't spring cleaned the kitchen on my clothes closet. We've got more to do outside in order to finish working outside. I did move the chicken pen but I have to sort out the new enclosure. The wire is cut and it looks as if I have enough 2 by 4s. Still need to put the doors on the baby chick pen. It's really sturdy. I'm going low tech for the chicks. That means no formal house and instead a roosting box on wheels so that I can move them. They'll still be safe up off the ground and away from those mean old possums and raccoons and dogs etc. It's just smaller and with a more easy to clean area. Already done list? Cedar tree sorted limbs moved from part of the front fence and problem trees identified. Learned about handling dying pine trees (who knew? now I do) got the dangerous limb moved but got to keep the tree (and got someone to explain that the tree is safe to WB) got info on how to plan the area for future use got the point across that 1. I'd love to be active in sail club but 2. I am not the "dumpster" for other peoples unhappy. If I get dissed? I'm busy. If not? I'm happily helpful. Lol That was a biggy. hopefully got the notion across that I'm not lazy and I have a viable plan that I am already doing. This is all around healthy so leave me be and let me get to work. Oh and one other thing. Helping is when you ask for help, list what that help looks like, and if you can do it? Great. For so much of my life, helping has looked like other people telling me who I am and what I should do. They didn't do a very good job. Pup and I are autodidactic. Answer our questions but don't get mad at us if we don't use it right away. If you knew how far ahead I had to plan for just a chain saw and a cleared fence. Not get out of the way and let us do our job. We're moral and legal so it's good. I have a plan. I have a plan b. I even have a plan z. :) .

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