Saturday, January 22, 2011

It just too cold.


Enough culture.

I'm cold.
The pups are cold.
The weather dude is predicting snow and then rain.

It was so bad that folks were getting depressed.

And they were singing about it.

It seemed like all hope was lost until ...

Bikini Shakespeare.

Spring break.

Finally someone with some sense.

If it weren't for all this crap weather, I'd have to be outside doing hard work. Instead I tend to the animals, fill up the gas tank on the good car, and then go back inside and say, "Honey, it's just too cold for you to be outside. Why don't you go to the Mall and go shopping. Get your hair done?" I hand her 40 bucks. She smiles and hugs my neck and Off she goes to call her best friend, Reba.

She goes shoppin' and I get to stay here, drink a beer or 2, and watch Bikini Shakespeare.

She's happy. I get good lookin' women in bikinis.

It's all good.





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